Drawing Dogs From Life

I love drawing dogs from life. Unfortunately I don’t have a dog and I’m never around other people’s dogs long enough to draw them. That’s one of the reason I love visiting my brother in the Winter.

My brother’s black lab love to sleep by the fire place and will sit still for long stretches of time either sleeping or staring at the fire.

drawing dogs sleeping

I’m sure if I had a dog of my own I’d get some chances to draw it. I don’t have a dog so I always take time out draw Pepper when I visit.

Figure Model With Artists

One of the groups drawing groups I belong to is  a figure drawing group that meets Fridays at the University of Southern Maine. We sit in the round so sometimes the model’s back is to me.

The model is too far away to really see the details in the back muscles so I like to include the artists drawing her from the other side of the room.

This drawing was done about a year ago.

12 Minute Portraits of Other Artist

A couple years ago I joined a drawing group here in Portland, Maine called Artists Drawing Artists. Every Tuesday a group of us get together at a local studio and sit for each other for  12 minutes.

portrait sketches

It’s a great way to practice getting the important features down without having the time to fret over details or make corrections.

This set of sketches was done back in February.

The Gravity Sessions Pen and Ink Sketches

Pen and Ink Sketch of Band

I love sketching live musicians. I can’t get too precious about a likeness because they are constantly moving, and usually I’m drawing in the dark.

When I sketch live musicians I try to concentrate more on composition and relationships between the band members.

These sketches were done during The Gravity Sessions, a visual, spoken word, and musical performance at the Apohadian Theater in Portland, Maine.

Sketching Faces In A Crowd

I love sketching faces in a crowd. Especially at events where large groups are mingling such as conferences and networking events. It’s great practice trying to capture a face in just a few fleeting moments while people are moving and talking and generally not staying still.

This sketch is made up of faces at a Wedding Professionals conference in Portland, Maine in 2017. I was invited by the coordinator of the event because she saw me sketching faces at another conference and wanted me to do the same for hers.

Portrait of Robbie Ellis

Rob Elowitch, better known as Robbie Ellis, sat for a portrait group I am part of in Portland, Maine. Robbie couldn’t have been nicer and entertained us with stories during the breaks.

Portrait of Robbie Ellis
Champion Professional Wrestler, Robbie Ellis

Rob Elowitch spent many years as the head of a prestigious art auction house but is better known by his wrestling name, Robbie Ellis. Rob was a professional wrestler who won several regional championships. He also gained national attention for wrestling well into his sixties. Sports Illustrated wrote a story about him and he was the subject of a documentary called Canvasman: The Robbie Ellis Story.

He was also a delight to draw and talk to.