Portrait Paintings of Pets, Homes, People, and more…

Portrait paintings are created by artist Dominic White in Portland, Maine and ship anywhere in the US and Canada.

All portraits are custom works of art and are delivered in a timely, professional manner.

Portrait paintings are unframed, however framing options are available.

Framing Options For Portrait Paintings

Pick a frame style and turn your commission into a ready-to-hang work of art or finished gift.

Four Styles to Choose From:

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About the Practicing Artist Sketchbook

When I’m out drawing and painting in public people usually approach me and say, “I wish I could draw.” My reply is usually, “Then you should start drawing and keep drawing.”

While there are people for whom painting and drawing come naturally, art is like anything else. The more you do it the better you get.

I would never consider myself a naturally gifted artist. Fortunately I realized at an early age that the more I drew the better I got. Eventually I got good enough to go to art school and graduated with a BFA in Illustration.

After college I went into the web design and graphic arts field. I kept drawing but never considered becoming a professional fine artist.

Then in 2001 I moved to Portland, Maine and sold my first portrait commission. It was a house portrait of a beach shack in Islesboro, Maine. The shack belonged to the client’s grandfather and had been torn down many years earlier.  I had to paint it from old photos and descriptions.

Portrait Painting of an Old Shack In Islesboro, Maine
Portrait Painting Of A Shack In Islesboro, Maine

This painting of a humble beach shack was more satisfying than anything I’d done as a web and graphic designer. The reaction of the clients and those of her parents who she was giving the gift to were extremely rewarding.

I dedicated myself to studying portraiture and drawing from life as much as possible to  improve as an artist and build my portrait painting carreer. This studying continues to this day and will be a life long pursuit.

My Online Sketchbook contains the results of theses studies. I post sketches from my drawing groups, studies, and other artwork out side of the genre of portrait painting. It will also include artwork that inspires me and some art tips that I learn along the way as well.

My hope is that it inspires you to keep drawing even if you don’t think you have the natural talent it takes to be an artist. I am confident that you do.

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